Land In Western NewMexico

We build dreams of a better life.

We, Keith and Connie Zahnter, developers of Blue Hills Ranch and Pinon Trails, transformed ranch land, along the Continental Divide and  part of the ranch formerly owned by Edmund Ball of Ball canning jars, into affordable homesteads in hopes anyone could experience the good life of owning their own piece of paradise in the beautiful land of enchantment, Catron County New Mexico. The parcels comprise four plus sections. Each parcel is surveyed, platted and recorded and the roads inside the communities are deeded to the landowner associations for maintaining.

We sell parcels with NO QUALIFYING  financing, with 10% DOWNPAYMENT  for terms of TEN to TWENTY years depending upon the size of the parcel. 7.9% SIMPLE INTEREST Security Escrow Corp, of Albuquerque, NM is used as trustee. Collects the payments & holds the deeds.

GOOD WATER table has yielded great domestic wells, and the soil has been good for STANDARD SEPTIC SYSTEMS.